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One of my many extracurricular projects was trying to watch every single episode of TNG in sequential order. Here, you'll find a compilation of all the little comments I had to make following each episode.

I've finished watching them all, but haven't gone through and finished writing reviews yet. Hopefully I'll be able to recall what I remembered from each episode later on...

This was inspired by a thread on TrekBBS, where everyone had agreed to go through every episode of TNG in order together. Just about all of these comments were posts made by me in that thread. Since this WAS originally all posted on a message board, expect to run into some netspeak ("LOL" and "OMG," etc.) and the occasional smiley. Also, since I tend to become very passionate when talking about this show, I'm warning you ahead of time that you may run into some "adult" language. Reader discretion is advised :P

The Goodies page is full of forum icons ("avatars") and desktop wallpapers for your downloading pleasure. Please, feel free to use them! Just be sure to give me some credit if anyone says "Hey! That avatar/wallpaper is awesome!"

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